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Factory for the production of building materials / styrofoam adhesives, ceramics, machine mortar, paints for painting, ecological wood and metal lacquers, concrete paints and bases for waterproof paints.

There is a possibility of agreeing on joint production.

5000 m2

Company Merkur is situated on a plot of 5000 m2, of which 1000 m2 is under roof.

4 silos

Silos of 60 m3 that are transported to the transport slugs with two lines for mixing and production powder materials

2 lines

Two semiautomatic lines for blending powder materials.

Company MERKUR Boje i lakovi d.o.o.

There is the possibility of selling factory, renting or joint production.

Along with the hall were 4 silo of 60 m3 that are transported by the slugs with two lines for mixing and manufacturing of powdery materials for finishing works in construction. Primarily adhesive for styrofoam, tile adhesive in the second part of wall paints, ecological lacquers, paints for concrete and similar material.

The two mixing lines are semi-automatic, are located on the measuring cells and with the command line The device determines the mixing program, ie the withdrawal of raw materials from the silo.

The company has invested half of the transformer station with a neighboring company and has the power of its elite energy of 315 KW.

In addition to the built-up, above-mentioned built-in space, there are also assembly boxes for demounting boxes-warehouses. All together about 200 m2 of warehouse space.

The Phase 1 is currently being built in the Construction Project, which has been completed and acquired license. In addition, Phase 2 in the project is approved by the Municipality of Sombor it is envisaged to build another hall identical to that built together with 4 more silo / from the rear foreign pay, as well as the utilization of the front empty portion of the fee for another hall for a sale or warehouse space / street.

The building is equipped with communal water, sewerage. Telephone lines, internet. To the building it has a regular street, ie an asphalt road.

The mentioned business premises have no cargo or supplies, the property of the company is "Merkur Colors and lacquers "Ltd. Sombor, on the land was made a conversion so that the land is in private property of the company.

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Merkur boje i lakovi

There is the possibility of selling factory, renting or joint production.

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MERKUR Boje i lakovi d.o.o.
PIB: 100274965
Identification number: 08252033
Activity Code: 24300
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    Staparski put bb, Industrial Zone, 25000 Sombor, Serbia
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    +381 25 433 881